How to create a Google Ads account and start advertising online

Creating a Google Ads account is the first step to be able to advertise on the Internet to potential customers. The advantages of this platform start from the fact that you can log in to it, since even without investment you can use the Google Ads keyword planner to have ideas for paid and organic […]

Google Ads Community: where sem specialists help you for free

Google Ads Community is one of the main digital forum about Google Ads and Youtube. Because its range of languages, it is probably the largest number of Google Ads experts that offers you answers some different kind of questions. For more than a Decade, Google Ads Community has been collected questions from new joiners to […]

Functions Nary Max and Nary Min in Google Data Studio

Nary Max ( nary_max() ) and Nary Min ( nary_min() ) are two important functions due to unidimensional ranges in max and min functions. Nary_max() vs Max() Nary_max doesn’t exist in Google Sheet because it allows to select both unidimensional range (one column/row) or multidimensional ranges (for exampl, A1:D80). However, Google Data Studio only considers […]