A Floodlight Tag is a code provides by Campaign Manager that helps us to track and improve campaigns in Search Ads 360 and DV 360 besides to every trafficked campaigns such as affiliates.

Floodlight tag by Google

Floodlight is created in Campaign Manager and is the way how to track users in your website by Google Marketing Platform. Thanks to Floodlight, you can deduplicated conversions from different sources.

Floodlights are used to track:

  • Search Ads 360 Campaigns (Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Baidu, etc.)
  • Display and video 360 aka DV 360
  • Other sources trafficked by Campaign Manager

We can install a Floodlight through Google Tag Manager since there are two tags: sales and counter.

There are two tags featured by GTM: Floodlight Counter and Floodlight Sales

Floodlight uses Doubleclick’s technology in order to track users.

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