Google Ads Community is one of the main digital forum about Google Ads and Youtube. Because its range of languages, it is probably the largest number of Google Ads experts that offers you answers some different kind of questions.

For more than a Decade, Google Ads Community has been collected questions from new joiners to experts in digital. Savvier Google Ads’ users has been answered these questions and they have been created a set of knowledge that mostly masters in digital marketing envy. And it’s a living library.

Q&A about Google Ads

Google Ads Community is a free space of question and answers. It’s supported by Google, actually the domain is besides there are official community manager for both promoting content and avoiding trolls.

The Community classified the questions in four categories:

  1. Setup and basics
  2. Ad approval and policy
  3. Billing in Google Ads
  4. Learn with Community
Google Ads Comunity homepage
The four main categories in Google Ads Community

Users have to classified their questions in these categories. Nevertheless, both google ads community manager and Product Experts can move thread from one category to other.

These four categories help users to find questions. This way, before asking and waiting for an answer, they can get it because of historic answers.

There is a big difference between the official communication with Google support by chat, email or phone and the Community.

This difference is who gives you the answer.

Google Ads Community provides answers from community experts
What do you prefer? an answer from Google Ads Expert or from Official support?

As shown in the image below, Google offers the community experts. People who manage real accounts and their knowledge comes from test, failure and handling with different business.

In this case, nobody ensures an answer and it can last seconds or months.

Contact us by Google Ads links to chat, email and phone. Google offers answer in 24-48 laboral hours. This information usually comes from a script.

Chat and phone contact don’t work 24/7. So the best way to get an answer by Google Ads Support is by email. It creates a ticket.

Product Experts in Google Ads Community

Product experts are heavy users of platform and provide value added answers.

There are different categories (from most important category to lower one):

  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

From Gold to Diamond, users are invited by Google to the annual summit.

It usually takes one year to lift your category. Anyway, it depends of your time.

How to be a Gold Product Expert

Not all Google Ads expert are Gold Product Expert in Google Ads Community. Mostly experts don’t participate actively in the forum. Nevertheless, the official recognition by Google is really awesome.

Some benefits of being Gold Product by Google are invitation for roundtables about products, yearly summits in California, Dublin or Singapur. Due to COVID 19 , in 2020 the summit was at home.

Google Ads Expert by Google
You can find Google Ads experts in the official Directory

Being polite, answering question and creating specific content about Google Ads lead you to get points. When you reach some points, Community Managers will promote your category first from bronze to silver PE, second from Silver to Gold, third from Gold to Platinum and finally from Platinum to Diamond.

Are there forums for other Google Services?

Yes, they are. Alphabet has created forums for every product of Google. Since not all products has support by phone, email or chat like Google Ads. For instance, if you have problems with nary max in Google Data Studio (GDS), there is no a Google account who answers you.

Other forums are:

  • Google Analytics Community
  • Google Data Studio Community
  • Youtube Community (focus on technical issues, NOT in content creators)

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