Creating a Google Ads account is the first step to be able to advertise on the Internet to potential customers.

The advantages of this platform start from the fact that you can log in to it, since even without investment you can use the Google Ads keyword planner to have ideas for paid and organic traffic.

Requirements to create a Google Ads account

When entering the Google Ads interface we will need an email. It can be either or another type of email, for example your own domain like

crear una cuenta de google ads
The main page of google ads before logging in and where you can start your successful campaigns

The only requirement for accounts is that you must create a Google account. It will be with your own email, there will be no problem.

Step by step of the Creation of Google Ads

Create google ads account step 4

Create a Google Ads account

Total time: 1 minute

Go to

Create google ads account step 1

Enter the url

Select Switch to Expert Mode

We select the Expert Mode even when it is our first time, to avoid having to put our credit or debit card the first time

Choose Time Zone and Currency

These two teams will never be able to change, be careful. Our recommendation is to choose the time zone of the geographic target of the account.

Create google ads account step 4

All that remains is to explore the interface and upload your first Google Ads campaign

With these simple steps, creating a Google Ads account is quite easy and should not cause you any problems.

With the account created and the session started, we recommend you go to the interface. When you already have your first campaign created in Excel with the plan and the briefing, you will only have to upload it in a simple way from the interface itself or from the Google Ads Editor .

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