Nary Max ( nary_max() ) and Nary Min ( nary_min() ) are two important functions due to unidimensional ranges in max and min functions.

Nary_max() vs Max()

Nary_max doesn’t exist in Google Sheet because it allows to select both unidimensional range (one column/row) or multidimensional ranges (for exampl, A1:D80).

However, Google Data Studio only considers the function max() for a unidimensional range. We can use, for instance, max(clicks). And the output will be the highest number of clicks.

Nevertheless, this formula max gets an error as long as you add more arguments. For instante, a data base where the number of clicks is not aggregated: clicks 2019, clicks 2020 and clicks 2021.

Example formula max() and nary_max()

In Google sheets we can find the max in a easy way. Check the cell M15

La fórmula nary max no es necesaria en Google Sheet porque max() coge más rango
There is not necessary nary max in google sheets

We can’t get 7.248 with max since it gets 286 since it’s the greatest number in one year but not in the complete period.

When we add every argument and we choose aggregation Max, the number is exactly we got in google sheet.

You can interact with this data studio.

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